UMSL Mathematics and Computer Science Colloquium
  Fall 2015 & Spring 2016

 September 9
 Charles Chui  UMSL  Spectral Methods for Signal Decomposition and Reconstruction 
 October 13
  Joe Howard
 RGA Inc.
 What is an Actuary ?
 October 29
  Jan-Li Lin
 Northwestern University
 Dynamical and Arithmetic Degrees for Rational Maps
 November 11
  Wenjie He
 The Art of Problem Solving
 March 9
 Andreas Malmendier
 Utah State University
 Special Function Identities From Kummer Surfaces
 April 13
 Wenjie He  UMSL  What can we learn from AlphaGo?
 May 4*  Vinayak Rao  Purdue University  Nonparametric Bayes and Random Probability Measures

* - Special day & time: Wednesday, 4-5pm