UMSL Mathematics and Computer Science Colloquium
  Fall 2013 & Spring 2014

 October 21
 Bin Han  University of Alberta   Directional Complex Tight Framelets and Image Denoising
 October 31
 Nicos Georgiou
 University of Utah   Queues in Tandem and Random Growth Models                           
 November 6
 Elizabeth Kellogg  UMSL (Biology)
  Bioinformatics and Collaborative Opportunities for Computer Scientists
 November 13
 Chaman Sabharwal
 Missouri S&T
  Qualitative Spatial Reasoning
 November 21  Laurentiu Maxim
 University of Wisconsin   Characteristic Classes of Singular Toric Varieties 
 January 21  Deepam Patel  IHES   Motivic Structures on Higher Homotopy of Non-Nilpotent Spaces
 February 7
 Keith Miller
 UMSL (Education)
  Random Numbers, Mutation Testing, and Non-Human Persons
 February 12
 Alex Iosevich
 University of Rochester
  Some Arithmetic Aspects of Geometric Combinatorics
 March 19
 Mark Huber
 Claremont McKenna College
  An Estimate for the Chance of Heads on a Coin
 April 10
 Joseph Hundley  Southern Illinois University
  Automorphic Forms: An Introduction With Examples
 April 28*  Jerrold Siegel  UMSL
  Java 1.8 - A Historical Perspective

* - Special day & time: Monday, 2-3pm