UMSL Mathematics and Computer Science Colloquium
  Fall 2014 & Spring 2015

 Sept 11, 4 pm
 Charles Chui  UMSL   Big Data Analysis: Real-time dynamics acquisition from irregular samples.
 October 21, 4 pm
 Roy Joshua  Ohio State University
  Quantum stabilizer codes from algebraic varieties.
October 30, 4 pm Stefan Mendez-Diez
Utah State University
   The Mathematics of Supersymmetry
November 13, 4 pm
Jianli Pan
 Efficient and Automated Application Delivery with HomeCloud  Using NFV and SDN Technologies
December 11, 4 pm
Dr. Wenjie He and Ms. Yifei Xu
 Problem Solving: How to Find a Solution Path?
February 20, 2 pm
Xiangrong Yin
U Kentucky
Sufficient dimension reduction via distance covariance
March 12, 4:15 pm
Nicolas Meyer
Determination of quadratic lattices by local structure and sublattices of codimension 1.
March 16, 10 am
Dipankar Dasgupta
U Memphis
Cyber Security Program @ University of Memphis.
March 18, 4:15 pm
Suchandan Pal
U Michigan
Computing regular models of curves.
March 20, 3:30 pm
Ramesh Sreekantan
Indian Statistical Institute -- Bangalore
Algebraic Cycles and the Fundamental Group.
April 3, 11 AM
Steve Senger
Missouri State Finding patterns in finite point sets with distances and dot products.
April 20, 2:00 pm
Charles Chui
Time-frequency analysis and signal decomposition from blind source
April 29, 11 AM
Michael Dotzel
Parkway Central High School
Polylogarithms, Iterated integrals and Multiple Zeta Values.