UMSL Mathematics and Computer Science Colloquium
  Fall 2016 & Spring 2017

Date Speaker Affiliation Title
Oct 12
Martin Bohner
Missouri S&T
Dynamic Equations on Time Scales
Oct 20
Vlad Posea
Bucharest Polytechnic Towards Linked Open Government Data
Oct 27 Sharlee Climer UMSL Hidden Patterns in Genetic Data
Oct 31 Florin Boca UIUC
The Distribution of Rational Numbers ...
Nov 10 Salam Dhou UMSL 4D Modeling and Fluoroscopic Image Generation
Nov 14 Ye Duan Univ. of Missouri - Columbia A 3D Segmentation Algorithm for CAD Models
Nov 30 Xuerong Wen Missouri S&T
Dimension Reduction with Multiple Populations
Dec 7 Wenjie He
How to Make Machines Understand Math?
April 10*
Dan Jacobson
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
High Performance Computing & Computational Biology
April 13
Giovanna Guidoboni
IUPUI & Univ. Strasbourg
Mathematical modeling of ocular biomechanics ...
May 11
Benjamin Hutz
A Bound on the Orbit of a Projective Subvariety
TBD Ted Ahn
* - Special day: Monday 4-5pm