Stephen A. Selesnick

Stephen Selesnick
Office: 341CCB
Phone:  (314)516-6358

Quanta, Logic and Spacetime
(World Scientific 1998)
Selected Errata
(caught as of 4 January 1999)

25/ 1: Equation ( should read: "dim (kth exterior product of W) = binomial coefficient n-choose-k".
27/ 4: "on which write" should read "on which we write".
62/ 15: "left-most element . . . etc." should read: "right-most element via the operator corresponding to the left-most pair, etc."
76/ 8: "(5.1.24)" should be "(5.1.25)".
110/ -3: "(6.1.44)" should be "(6.2.20)".
111/ 3: Ditto last entry.
123/ 5: Equation (6.4.34d) should have a minus sign on the right hand side instead of a plus sign.
150/ 13: On the right hand side of equation (7.3.3) the subscript "t + delta t" should be replaced by "t" while the subscript "t" should be replaced by "s".
150/ 14: Similar replacements should be made in this line.
155/1: First sentence should read: "To illustrate these notions we shall exploit the reticular interpretation of the Weyl operators arrived at earlier, in conjunction with the representations found in Section 6.2 of the sigma maps, to specify reticular solutions for the Weyl equations."
155/ -13: "version" should read "version of".
187/ 3: The factor of one quarter on the right hand side of the last line of equation ( should be removed.
187/ 10: The transposition should be removed from the first E-inverse on the right hand side of equation (
191/ -6: "so as redress" should read "so as to redress".
199/ 5: "tr" should be placed in front of the left hand side of equation (
210/ 16: The G-superscript-mu appearing in the expression "lambda G-superscript-mu" should be replaced with an arrow-slashed G.
215/ 16: "topologically complexity" should read "topological complexity".
238/ 11: "mass proportional to" should read "mass term proportional to".
241/ 9: The word "respectively" should be removed.

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