Outline--Spring 2017

The midterm will be on Mon 16 Oct at the usual time.
A sample midterm



On-Going list of Spring 2017 Homework

Overview of Schulte's machine

CPU implementation

The example about microcode control
The example about hardwired control

Program to show binary form of FP numbers.

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Western Digital releases a 14 TB hard drive
A new approach to cache coherence in multi-core systems
Silicon is the end of its usefulness
The lead architect on the expiration of Moore's Law
An Open Source Parallel Processing project. This uses the Epiphany chip by Apapteva, Inc.
Moore's law will run out in about 10 years.
MIPS develops chip to challenge ARM.
Intel develops a 50-core chip to push for exascale computing
Cray to build supercomputer with AMD chips
A site for open-source RISC processor
Cray to build 20 petabyte system
links to a summary of RAID: part1, part2