Fall 2020

Other courses taught (ones with web links):
Course # Title Last Taught
CS 125 Introduction to Computer Science -- I
CS2250 Data Structures and Problem Solving Spring 2007
CS273 The C Programming Language
CS275 Advanced Programming Techniques
CS 2750 System Programming and Tools Spring 2018
CS 278 Design and Analysis of Algorithms
CS 312 Computer Organization and Architecture Spring 2003 @ SIUE
CS371 Database Design and Implementation
CS373 Computer Networks and Communications
CS 4760 Operating Systems Fall 2020
CS 379 System Administration and Computer Security
CS440 Computer Vision
CS464 Multimedia Information Systems
CS476 Advanced Operating Systems and Network Management
CS 5130 Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms Fall 2013
CS 5420 Digital Image Processing Fall 2020
CS 5740 High Performance Computing Fall 2011
CS 5750 Cloud Computing Fall 2018
CS 5780 Systems Administration Fall 2004
CS 6420 Topics in Image Processing and Multimedia Spring 2017
CS 6740 High Performance Computing Fall 2008