CS 373 -- Computer Networks and Communications

Instructor: Sanjiv K. Bhatia

Winter '2001
Office Hours
Tuesday 4:00pm -- 5:30pm
Tuesday 4:00pm -- 5:30pm
Any other time by appointment
Prerequisites CS 275, Stat 132
William Stallings. Data and Computer Communications
Prentice-Hall, Upper Saddle River, NJ. 2000.



The grade will be based on programming projects and three tests. Each project must be meticulously documented and clearly identify its purpose, author, and date. The distribution of grades will be as follows:

Programming projects 40%
Three tests 20% each
Anyone desiring an EXC grade after March 23, 2001 must be passing the course at that point to get EXC.


Test 1 February 15, 2001
Test 2 March 22, 2001
Test 3 May 03, 2001

/etc Failure to hand in any assignment will result in an automatic zero for that assignment. If some student is unable to hand in an assignment by the deadline, he/she must discuss it with me before the deadline.

/etc/note You have an account on the Unix machines admiral.umsl.edu and hoare.cs.umsl.edu.

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