Introduction to Computer Science -- Computing Concepts

Learning the lingo

Collection of components that can perform arithmetic and logical calculations at incredible speed




Computer Organization

Loosely defined by the following picture

Input unit

Output unit

CPU or Central Processing Unit

ALU or Arithmetic and Logical Unit


Secondary storage unit

Batch processing, multiprogramming, and timesharing

Batch processing



Personal computing, distributed computing, and client/server computing

Personal computing
Distributed computing
Client/server computing

Different number systems: binary, hexadecimal, and decimal

Machine languages, assembly languages, and high-level languages

The Unix operating system

Operating system
A collection of programs that control and allocate resources in a computer system -- both in hardware and software

Unix is a multi-user, multi-tasking operating system developed at the AT&T Bell Labs and at the University of California -- Berkeley. It was mostly developed through collective efforts by hackers. It can perform functions like

There are two major versions of Unix

  1. AT & T Sys V
  2. BSD

Student environment for Unix at UMSL

Logging in

Logging into other machines -- Use the following commands

Logging out