Cmp Sc 5420, or consent of instructor

Gonzalez and Woods. Digital Image Processing (Fourth Ed.). Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, NJ. 2018.


This is a course about advances in computer vision and image processing. You will learn advanced topics and algorithms in computer vision, building on your knowledge from CMP SCI 5420. You’ll be working in OpenCV extensively to implement the projects.

This course is a continuation of Cmp Sci 5420 from Fall 2020. We will study the algorithms for frequency domain processing, wavelets and multiresolution processing, image restoration, and segmentation. In addition, we’ll look at the current research in image processing and computer graphics. Every student will select a project of his/her own choice and get it approved by me. Then, the student will study and implement the project and make a presentation to the class.

Course Description

This course covers new developments in digital image processing, computer vision, and multimedia. Topics to be covered may include image databases, object tracking, and large-scale data visualization.



At the end of this course, you are expected to independently undertake and implement a research-oriented project in image processing successfully. You should understand various image processing tasks and the algorithms required to execute those tasks.


I'll expect you to be present in most of the classes. I will not be taking attendance but if you start missing too many classes, please take responsibility for your absence, specially when it concerns tests and homeworks. When you come to class, you must change your cell phones to silent mode. If your cell phone rings during the test, I'll deduct 10% points from that test score for you. If you are more than ten minutes late, please try not to disrupt the class. I'll penalize you by one letter grade for habitually coming late to class (more than five times I notice you coming late or leaving early). Attendance in presentations by other students will be graded.


The grade will be based on programming projects, a test, and a presentation of current research in the field. I'll expect each of you to select a topic in computer graphics, image processing, computer vision, or multimedia, and present current research on the topic. You should search journals, or recent proceedings from Siggraph, Eurographics, or CVPR conferences, select at least one paper from within the past five years and present the paper in class. I'll also like to see an implementation of the ideas in the paper as well as a written report. If needed, I may allow two persons to combine their implementation of a topic. The distribution of grades will be as follows:

Test 15%
Paper presentation 10%
Written report 10%
Paper idea implementation 40%
Class projects 20%
Class attendance 5%

The test will be held on April 05, 2017. The deadline for approval of topic for research is February 17, 2017. You can also look at Google Scholar for papers. Anyone desiring an EXC grade after March 31, 2017 must be passing the course at that point to get EXC.

Failure to hand in any assignment will result in an automatic zero for that assignment.


Use hoare for your projects. Your account from last semester should still be active. You can communicate with all the students in the class using MyGateway. I'll make the lecture notes and your project reports available on the class web site.

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