Richard Friedlander

Founders Professor, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
University of Missouri-St. Louis
308 ESH, One University Blvd.
Saint Louis, MO 63121
Office phone: (314) 516-6350, Fax (314) 516-5400


Teaching Fall 2014


Math 3520, Structures of Math Systems III, Section 001


Office Hours


Tuesday 3:00 PM ‒ 4:30 PM


Education and Awards


Ph.D. in Mathematics (1972), University of California at Los Angeles.


M.A. in Mathematics (1968), University of California at Los Angeles.


B.A. in Mathematics (1966), University of California at Los Angeles.


M.Ed. in Mathematics Education (1976), Washington State University.


Governor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching (1995).


Research and Teaching


I have taught a wide variety of mathematics courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, and also teach the university's secondary mathematics methods course each year. I have published numerous articles in both mathematics and mathematics education. My mathematical research area is finite group theory, specifically number theoretic problems arising in finite groups. My mathematics education interests lie mainly in bringing about curricular change at the precollege and collegiate levels through the introduction of mathematics applications.


Selected Publications


Friedlander, R.J. (2001). Mathematics and Sports. The Encyclopedia of Mathematics Education, 671-675.


Friedlander, R.J. (1992). Ol' Abner Has Done It Again. The American Mathematical Monthly, 99, 845.


Friedlander, R.J. and Haimo, D.T. (1991). Raising Teachers' Awareness of Mathematics Applications. Mathematics Teacher, 84, 70-71.


Last Updated:  September 9, 2014


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